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Subaru Impreza Turbo. WRX + STi (GC.GF) - Powerflex PU Buchsen Road Series Es gibt 25 Produkte.

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  • Front wishbones can be steel or alloy. Our bushes will fit both
  • The front of the two rear tie bars on each side has a smaller sleeve bush on the inner end next to the diff. For one rear tie bar car kit order 6 x PFR69-110 & 2 x PFR69-111
  • PFF69-107 will only fit Impreza s with pressed steel lower arms
  • PFR69-122 s are for rear diffs that mount directly to the subframe
  • PFF69-102G is Geometry Adjustable and allows +/-0.33 degrees of Caster adjustment
  • PFR69-123 Fits early JDM RA & UK WRX models using a seperate diff mounting bracket, use PFR69-122 where diff mounts directly to subframe.