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BMW E81. E82. E87 + E88 1 Series (2004-) - Powerflex PU Buchsen Road Series Es gibt 26 Produkte.

Hier kaufen Sie Polyurethane PU Buchsen, Fahrwerksbuchsen, Querlenker Buchsen, Längslenker Buchsen & Auspuff Aufnahmen von Powerflex für BMW E81, E82, E87 & E88 1 Series (2004-) zu günstigen... Mehr...


  • These parts will not fit the E82 1-Series M-Coupe or X Drive (4wd) models
  • PFR5-419, PFR5-421 and PFR5-423’s are inserts to be used with the original bushes
  • PFR5-420, PFR5-422 and PFR5-1220 are complete bushes and used to replace the original bushes
  • PFR5-1220 increase anti squat to that of the M series, for std location of the subframe front mount use PFR5-420
  • PFR5-421 Insert fits all models up to -07/2005. Then Automatic models only from 07/2005- on
  • PFR5-423 Inserts fit manual cars from 07/2005- onwards
  • PFR5-416-12 fits performance shock absorber which has 12mm thread
  • For standard shock absorbers and performance shock absorber with a 10mm thread use PFR5-416