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Audi Coupe Quattro. Sport. 80-90 Avant Quattro. S2 - Powerflex PU Buchsen Road Series Es gibt 24 Produkte.

Hier kaufen Sie Polyurethane PU Buchsen, Fahrwerksbuchsen, Querlenker Buchsen, Längslenker Buchsen & Auspuff Aufnahmen von Powerflex für Audi Coupe Quattro, Sport, 80-90 Av. Quattro, S2 zu... Mehr...


  • PFF3-101 Fits 37mm Pressed Front Arms
  • PFF3-102 Fits 45mm Cast Front Arms
  • PFF3-104 & PFF3-105 Only Fit Up To 1992 Chassis Number 8A-N-200-000
  • PFF3-106-21.5 Fits models where there is no link rod between the anti roll bar and control arm.
  • PFF3-120-10 & PFF3-121-10 fit vehicles with 10mm mounting bolts, vehicles with 12mm bolts use PFF3-120-12 & PFF3-121-12
  • PFR3-1011-21/23.5/25 Front anti roll bar mounts are tear drop shaped
  • PFR3-108-15 & PFR3-1011-15.5 Fits early Quattro and Sport Quattro models UR/WR (1980-1984) when fitted with a rear anti roll bar